How to Create A Core Facility

The application checklist shown below provides a list of the items that need to be included when requesting the formation of a new Core Facility.

Applications should also contain a cover letter expressing your interest in becoming a Science Core Facility.

Any questions regarding the items on the checklist or the application process should be emailed to both the Director of Science Operations and the Core Facilities Manager.

These two individuals should also be emailed the final application and will ensure the completeness of the application before passing it along to the Science Core Facilities Committee for consideration and approval. 

Please note, all approved Science Core Facilities must receive final approval from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. 

Science Core Facility – Application Checklist

1. List of the Steering Committee/User Group & Name of the Director

2. General Safety Documents for each Space

   2.1. Emergency Response Protocols

   2.2. Hazard assessments (Space and/or Equipment)

   2.3. Facility Safety Orientation Checklist (Required for granting card access)

   2.4. Any equipment specific safety training required by campus safety (laser safety, CL2, etc.)

3. Operational Documents for Each Piece of Equipment

   3.1. SOP/Training Manual

   3.2 Training Record (Users & Staff):

        3.2.1. Name

        3.2.2. ID Number & RF Card Number

        3.2.3. Training Date

        3.2.4. Associated lab/PI (for billing)

        3.2.5. WHMIS Expiry

        3.2.6. WHMIS Certificate (Copy)

        3.2.7. Signed Policy Document

   3.3 User Policy Document to be agreed/signed by the user (only required if users will be running the equipment/instruments in the facility)

   3.4. Maintenance and Repair Record

   3.5 Booking and Time Tracking System (Faces, etc.) 

   3.6 Fee Structure

        3.6.1. Completed Usage Fee Template for each Piece of Chargeable Equipment

   3.7. Facility Fee and Acknowledgement Agreement

4. A Facility Website (based on Core Facilities Template Website)