A phased approach to planning is outlined below starting in September 2023 with the intent of having draft plans by May of 2024 and implementation and roll out of plans in September 2024.

Phase 1

(September 2023)

GFC Strategic Planning Committee to confirm engagement plan document.

Phase 2

(September / October 2023) – Pre-Engagement

Pre-engagement planning and preliminary consultations with:

  • ULethbridge leaders
    • Statutory Deans’ Council
  • ULethbridge governance bodies
    • Board of Governors (BOG) / General Faculties Council (GFC)
  • Senate
  • Student Leadership (Executive)
    • ULSU / GSA
  • Vice Provost, Iniskim Indigenous Relations and Elders
  • Vice Provost, EDI
  • Faculty / School Meetings


Through already scheduled regular meetings an introduction to the comprehensive planning process will be discussed and initial feedback on the process welcomed.

Phase 3

(November 2023 – January 2024) – Internal Engagement

* Note that additional groups may be identified through the preliminary consultations and/or through the engagements themselves.

Broad-based engagement to gather ideas and identify themes:

  • ULethbridge leaders
    • President’s Executive
    • Statutory Deans’ Council
    • Vice Provost, Iniskim Indigenous Relations and Elders
    • Provost’s Council
    • Vice-President (Finance & Administration) Council
    • ULeth employee group executives (Administrative Professional Officers (APO), Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), Excluded Professionals, Exempt Support Staff (ESS), Post-Doctoral Fellows (ULPA), University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA), University of Lethbridge Graduate Association (ULGA))
    • ULSU & GSA Student Leadership (Full Councils)
  • ULethbridge governance bodies
    • BOG / GFC
  • Senate
  • All ULethbridge Employees
  • All ULethbridge Students


  • Public launch of internal engagement process.
  • Scheduled sessions with groups above – number and format of these will vary depending on group.
  • Online survey available for all.

Phase 4

(January – March 2024) - External Engagement

* Note that additional groups may be identified throughout the process.

Consult on key themes and engage with external parties:

  • Indigenous Communities
  • Alumni / Alumni Association
  • Chamber of Commerce / Economic Development Lethbridge
  • Mayor / City Manager
  • Provincial and Federal Government meetings
  • Former ULeth leaders
  • General public
  • Prospective students and/or student influencers
  • Partner Post-Secondary Institutions


  • Communication from President to launch external engagement process.
  • Scheduled sessions with groups noted above.
  • Online external survey.

Phase 5

(March – April 2024) - Reflection and Drafting

  • Collect and find common themes within all data to date.
  • Share what we believe we heard through creation of draft documents, for feedback that will inform the subsequent writing in Phase 6 of final documents for approval.
  • Draft documents to include Strategic Plan, Academic Plan, Research Plan, People Plan.

Phase 6

(May 2024) - Design

  • Subsequently design documents.
  • Strategic Plan Approval: GFC Recommendation (May 6, 2024) and Board Approval (May 28, 2024)

Phase 7

(September 2024) – Launch of Plans

  • Roll out of respective plans