Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. Financial literacy is very important to students because for many, post-secondary is the first time they have had to leave their parent's homes and fend for themselves financially.

Budgeting for rent and food, entertainment, managing consumer debt, and of course - obtaining funding for post-secondary education sometimes through student loans, are all issues students have to deal with.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has a number of tools and resources available to students and consumers looking to boost their financial skills and knowledge:

Budgeting Calculator - do you have a realistic budget?

Financial Goal Calculator - how can you achieve your financial goals?

Credit Card Selector Tool and Credit Card Payment Calculator - Compare which credit card may be the best (or worst) for you and how long it takes to pay off your balance if you only pay a minimum payment

Scholarships and Student Finance is available for students looking to boost their financial literacy skills by providing one-on-one budgeting and financial literacy consultations.

To book yours, visit Anderson Hall AH 115 call 403-329-2585, or email