Collaborative Health Research Institute of Southern Alberta

Collaborative Health Research Institute of Southern Alberta


At the Collaborative Health Research Institute of Southern Alberta, we aim to produce high impact health research with the potential to enrich health across the lifespan for people living in Southern Alberta and beyond. Through community engagement, a focus on patient needs, and targeting critical phases of life, our vision is to create a knowledge base for supporting healthy life trajectories among individuals, families, and communities from diverse backgrounds. CHRISA will serve as a hub for establishing transdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, service providers, and patients
To advance the vision and goals of CHRISA, we welcome partners in support of our initiatives:

  • To create a platform for transdisciplinary, high quality research through effective communication and networking;
  • To enable collaboration with a variety of community partners through engagement with diverse groups in urban and rural contexts; 
  • To engage Indigenous trainees in health-related research which reflects cultural traditions and knowledge, and works to positively impact challenges identified by community members;
  • To support engagement with external organizations, including industry partners, in the development and implementation of innovation.

CHRISA supports member driven activities. Contact us if you are:

  • Looking for collaborators on a research project;
  • Looking to connect with experts in a particular topic;
  • Wanting to pitch your research idea;
  • Wanting to present information in your area;
  • Looking to set up a special interest group.