Science and Academic Building


Welcome to the University of Lethbridge's Newest Venue 

As Lethbridge’s newest available rentable space Science Commons has lots of opportunities to host large conferences, events, and meetings. From features like the open atrium, large outdoor patio, floating meeting rooms, BMO auditorium, and several large classrooms, Science Commons is perfect for your next event. 






Winter Garden

BMO Auditorium

Floating Meeting Spaces


Periodic Table

Science Commons Fun Facts: 


  • During construction, the building was intentionally designed to enhance the sustainability of the University. This is done through a number of innovative design features including natural ventilation, daylight and, integrated shading, active lighting systems, high-efficiency systems, and the natural heating and cooling effects caused by the winter garden! 
  • The floating meeting rooms are cantilevered to the rest of the building, meaning no pillars or walls are required to hold them in place!
  • Science Commons is now home to DR. David Naylor and his freezer. This freezer has the ability to become the coldest place in the UNIVERSE by reaching a temperature of 2 Calvin!  
  • Designed by specialists from Spain and London, the periodic table of elements houses actual examples of each individual element. This is one of three in the world! 
  • Science Commons is equipped with whiteboard walls allowing students to draw, write, and work out tough problems across the entire building!