Campus Life

Students earn bragging rights

Score a victory for the University of Lethbridge Student Chess Club.

The annual Chess Challenge event, pitting a team of five chess-playing professors against the best players from the student club, took place Mar. 21-22.

An annual event contested since 1998, and perhaps unique to the University of Lethbridge, the professors were coming off a victory in 2008 and entered this year's contest with their habitual sense of invincibility. They were shocked, however, to be confronted with a student team fortified by new talent and determined to assert their superiority. After 16 games, the students came out on top by a score of 9-7, a point being awarded for each game won.

The victorious student team comprised: Cashe Erskine, Thomas Fox (team captain), Gregory Holmes, Slava Ilnytskyy and Ihor Kurylo. The professors were: Lance Grigg (Education), Igor Kovalchuk (Biology), Vic Rodych (Philosophy), Brian Titley (Education, and team captain) and Paul Viminitz (Philosophy).

The best individual performance in the tournament was by Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, who won all four of his games. The rivalry will be renewed a year from now.