Campus Life

Incoming executive excited about opportunity to boost student engagement

The spring winds bring an annual changing of the guard at the University of Lethbridge Students' Union (ULSU). As another successful year at the Students' Union comes to an end, a new Executive Council is poised to usher in new, and what it expects will be prosperous, student initiatives.

"All of the initiatives and projects we will be working on will fall under at least one of six headings: increasing the effectiveness of our communications, increasing our presence on campus, strengthening our lobbying voice, improving our events, expanding our service base and promoting sustainability on campus," says newly appointed ULSU President Zack Moline.

Executive Council has taken a particular interest in boosting the organization's digital presence and online services. Numerous initiatives are taking shape that will make the Students' Union available on more media platforms and subsequently to a larger audience.

One particular undertaking is part of two Executive Council members' campaign platforms. Andrew Williams and Leyland Bradley are guiding a venture that would see the creation of an online tutor database.

"Students are currently forced to refer to cluttered posting boards, giving them only a small chance of actually finding the academic assistance they require," says Andrew Williams, ULSU vice-president academic. "I see this as simply unacceptable."

ULSU Executive Council also plans to utilize new avenues of communication to diversify and improve on-campus events.

"Students have such great and unique ideas. I want their input," says Lisa Rodych, the vice-president of Internal Affairs.

This year's council is also excited about the opportunity to advocate for University of Lethbridge students' interests. As members of both the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), Moline and his colleagues intend to make major strides in improving the post-secondary experience at not only the University of Lethbridge, but for students as a whole in Alberta and across Canada.

"Every year, every new council puts student engagement at the top of their list of priorities for their year in office, and I feel that our council will exemplify this," says Leyland Bradley, vice-president Operations and Finance. "We want to ensure that our campus events and our advocacy efforts are parallel with the opinions of our students."

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