Honouring Hank Margolis

The University of Lethbridge is pleased to grant Dr. Hank A. Margolis an honourary degree at the Fall 2010 Convocation ceremonies, Oct. 15-16.

Margolis, a professor in the Faculty of Geography and Geomatics at Laval University in Quebec, is known as a driving force for Canadian research into the carbon cycle of forests and wetlands, and has been instrumental in the development of several national and international efforts to better understand climate change.

Margolis has made significant and long-term contributions to public service in Canada. The major form of this public service has been in the role of principal investigator and program leader of three national research networks in Canada.

Research conducted during these national programs has addressed important issues related to ecosystem carbon cycling and climate change.

New knowledge created by these scientific activities has contributed in several important ways, including improvement in forecast models used in global weather prediction (BOREAS) and in developing policy related to controlling greenhouse gas emissions in Canada (FCRN & CCP).