Campus Life

Glory and Grandeur

Celebrate the glory and the grandeur of magnificent wind band music with the U of L Wind Orchestra, Friday, Mar. 26 at 8 p.m. in Southminster United Church.

"Our feature piece provides the title of our concert," says director Glenn Klassen. "The Glory and the Grandeur by Russell Peck is going to knock everyone's socks off!"

An exciting composition for percussion trio and wind orchestra, three guest percussionists take the stage for this piece – U of L percussion instructor Adam Mason and music majors Jodi Bartel and Matt Groenheide.

"It's a terribly exciting, upbeat and jazzy piece. It's also visually stunning to see the percussionists running back and forth on stage," Klassen says.

The program also features an H. Owen Reed piece entitled, La Fiesta Mexicana.

"This is a wonderful piece inspired by the composer's visit to Mexico during Carnivale," Klassen explains. "The piece has both festive and sacred components, including a Mariachi section. It has some of the typical Mexican sounds and flavours."

Other items on the program include Shostakovich's Festive Overture and another piece called Festivale, which will be conducted by a special guest conductor, to be revealed at the concert.

Audiences outside of Lethbridge also have the opportunity to hear the U of L Wind Orchestra during their tour in March.

"We leave on Mar. 1 for British Columbia," Klassen says. "We'll be playing across the province, from Penticton to Vancouver."

Among the many performances during the tour, a highlight is their appearance at the Okanagan Band Festival.

"We are the featured band for the festival," Klassen says. "This is a big deal for the Wind Orchestra. With over 30 bands performing, it's a great honour to be named as the feature performer."

Tickets for the Mar. 26 Lethbridge performance are on sale at the University Box Office (403-329-2616) and at the door. Tickets are priced at $15 regular and $10 for students and seniors.