Cade, Hironaka honoured with Senate recognition

Elsa Cade

One of the University of Lethbridge's most effective ambassadors, Elsa Cade supports and engages in countless University activities and events, and advances the institution's relationship with local and global communities.

Over the past 10 years, Cade has been present at every convocation ceremony, many senate committee meetings, all public dinners and receptions, and has attended student events, public lectures, celebrations or announcements, and much more.

She has graciously hosted a vast number of dinner parties for community people, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. Cade has also travelled frequently to maintain and enhance the U of L's relationship beyond southern Alberta. In particular she has helped foster the University's important relationship with Hokkai-Gakuen University in Sapporo, Japan.

Beyond the U of L, Cade has provided dedicated volunteer service for several community organizations. She is an active member of the Rotary Club and a board member of 5th on 5th Youth Services of Lethbridge. She has served on the board of the Alberta Science Foundation and the board of the Friends of the Galt Museum.

Following the earthquake in Haiti, Cade harnessed the power of blogging and online social networking to raise funds to purchase 118 shelterboxes, large containers that hold a 10-person tent, blankets, a stove, a tool kit, and other equipment needed by the survivors of that natural disaster.

Dr. Robert Hironaka

Former U of L Chancellor Dr. Robert Hironaka has volunteered throughout the University for many years.

Hironaka was a member of the U of L Senate from 1983 to 1987 and Chancellor from 1995 to 1999. He continues to be one of the University's most devoted supporters, making himself available to the U of L whenever he is available to help. He regularly attends special occasions and sporting events at the University of Lethbridge, and participates in committees, fundraisers, celebrations, campaigns, and special presentations.

Hironaka has been an active member of the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association for several years, in many roles, from executive officer to member at large. He freely shares his expertise and knowledge, and volunteers for many Alumni Association events. A key member of the Alumni Association's Recognition Committee, he is diligent in maintaining this committee's high standards. In 2002, Hironaka received an honourary Doctor of Laws degree from the U of L, in recognition of his service to the institution.

In addition to his ongoing support of the U of L, Hironaka is an active volunteer for community organizations like Rotary and the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens (which he helped found).

Whatever volunteer work he is doing, he is an exemplary ambassador for the University of Lethbridge.