The Alumni Honour Society 2010 Inductees

In celebration of the University's 35th Anniversary in 2002, the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association established the Alumni Honour Society to recognize the achievements of successful alumni within the global community. The individuals inducted into this prestigious group serve as role models through success in their vocation, outstanding community service or superior accomplishment in their avocation.

Betty Jean Bastien (BASc (BA) '76)

As the first Pikuni member to receive a university degree, Betty Jean Bastien's life has been committed to the revitalization of First Nations culture in an attempt to regain their cultural identities and connect and re-establish the Indigenous pedagogical and healing practices of First Nation communities.

She is celebrated for her research on Blackfoot Child Development theories, Indigenous research methodologies, child welfare and intergenerational trauma. She is an amazing example of leadership in women, a scholar in her field, and a source of support and inspiration for many.

Belinda Crowson (BEd '92, BSc '99)

Belinda Crowson is a woman who actively pursues excellence as the Museum Educator at the Galt Museum and Archives in Lethbridge, Alberta. She is an enthusiastic history professional – her interest, knowledge, organizational skills, research publications and teaching expertise at the grassroots level carry her into areas where she comfortably wears many hats.

Belinda is the "go to" person for all things historical – past and present. She has and does make a difference in the lives of many people in southern Alberta. Belinda engages students by making history come alive.

Doug Hudson (BASc '71)

As the City of Lethbridge's solicitor, Doug Hudson provides legal advice, opinions and services to the Mayor, Alderman and Department Heads. He was admitted into the bar in 1976 and was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2002. He has been an active member of the Alumni Association for many years, holding such positions as Senate representative, Chair of the Recognition Committee and member of the 35th Anniversary Planning Committee.

As Chair of the Lethbridge Legal guidance Society, he provides pro bono legal advice to those unable to afford to engage legal counsel.

Jill Kotkas (BEd '77)

Jill Kotkas has been a teacher and mentor to people of all ages and in a variety of ways. She continues to lead by example and is respected for her integrity and belief in the ability of others to accomplish their dreams.

As a single mother, Jill attended university as a mature student to obtain her education degree and then assisted her own children to realize their own dreams with careers in medicine, law and teaching.

Jessie Snow (BASc (BA) '71, BEd '72, DipEd '81)

It has been said of Jessie Snow that she is always providing an open house, meal or humanitarian care for those who crossed her path. As an active advocate for mental health rights, Jessie served as the Special Education Consultant for Lethbridge Catholic School District and continued in this capacity until her retirement in 2007.

She was actively involved with the University of Lethbridge by being the first woman president of the Students' Union, a founding member of the University of Lethbridge Senate in 1967 and served on the board of governors.

Clarence Taal (BMgt '82)

Clarence Taal is a very dedicated supporter of Lethbridge community projects and, in particular, the University of Lethbridge. He actively promotes the athletic teams and encourages students to attend the University, as he believes that it is a quality institution that provides an excellent education to students.

Clarence Taal has given back to his alma mater in time, treasury and talent.