Governance and Strategy


The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy has been informed and guided by best practices from the Global Centre for Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks, which focus on four strategic areas:

Foundation and Governance

Mission and Vision for EDI

Alignment and

Metrics and Accountability

Internal - Students, Staff and Faculty

Recruit, retain, advance and grow our people

External - Community Partners

Engage and support our community partners

Our Mandate:


  1. Build institutional knowledge and capacity in EDI principles and approaches;
  2. Develop and support a comprehensive framework that guides our approach to embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in research, teaching and organizational culture;
  3. Build and support accountability at all levels of the organization for EDI matters;
  4. Ensure that EDI is a strategic pillar within the organization's strategic plan; and
  5. Create an authentic sense of belonging for all students, staff and faculty at the University of Lethbridge.


To support this important work, the EDI team will be supported by the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. The EDI Advisory council will be a collective body of representatives from across the institution to support the advancement of EDI strategic priorities. Information on the Council is forthcoming.


The intended mandate of the Advisory Council is:



To serve as EDI champions that support embedding EDI best practices into teaching, learning and research.


To serve as an advisory body to the EDI team on key strategic initiatives and priorities.