Campus Life

Zombies to roam campus hallways

It's often been noted that, during mid-term exam period, students can look like Zombies roaming the halls. Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 27, they literally will be Zombies as the first Humans vs. Zombies campus wide game plays out across campus.

Sponsored by the University of Lethbridge Students' Union, Humans vs. Zombies was conceived by listening to a student suggestion.

"This event was proposed to me by a student," says Nate McCowan, ULSU vice-president Internal Affairs. "Apparently, Humans vs. Zombies has been played across other campuses, and there is even a website dedicated to running the game. I chose to do things a bit differently than the website suggests, since this is the first time we've played it at the University of Lethbridge."

The three-day event is essentially a giant game of tag. For $2, players can sign up at the SU and receive a registration package that includes a strip of cloth, two foam balls and an identification card.

The game begins with everyone classified as a Human, except for one randomly selected Zombie. Humans wear their cloth as an armband, and the Zombie wears the cloth as a headband. On the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 27 play commences with the Zombie atempting to infect Humans by tagging them. Once infected, a Human becomes a Zombie and moves their armband to a headband and can now begin infecting other Humans. Zombies also take the ID card from the Human they infect, so as to have an 'infection count'.

Humans have protection in the form of their two foam balls, which can be used as ammunition to stun a Zombie.
The game is campus wide, except for in classrooms, offices, washrooms, the Library, the Gym, Residence and other study type centers.

As well, to encourage students to actively play on campus, daily missions will be assigned to Humans, requiring them to go to specified destinations.

Registration for the game continues through 4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 25 at a cost of $2 per person. All participants will gather on Tuesday, Oct. 26, 5 p.m. in Ballroom B to receive their registration packages. The game commences Wednesday, Oct. 27 and continues through Friday, Oct. 29.