Updated budget message

Budget Message 3

More information has been provided regarding the 2013-14 Alberta Provincial budget and I am pleased to share that there is a bright point within this news for our University. In the Capital Plan Details Supplement to the Provincial Budget, it is identified that the University of Lethbridge will receive $10 million over two years to continue the planning process for the Destination Project. I have included the specific reference in the link below:

As you know, the pillars of the Destination Project include the development of new science facilities, the revitalization of University Hall and the addition of a new power plant for the University. We expect to receive a letter outlining the terms of this grant and have been told that it is expected that the funds will be used to move this important project into the design phase. These new funds are in addition to $2.3 million received from the Ministry of Enterprise and Advanced Education in September 2011.

There are many grants that the Government of Alberta provides to the University of Lethbridge in addition to the Campus Alberta Operating Grant. Examples of other grants include the Infrastructure Maintenance Program (IMP) and targeted grants for programs and capital like the Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP). IMP funds are used for infrastructure maintenance and the CAIP funds are used to support Chairs in specific areas of research. These additional grants are targeted and restricted to the use for which they are intended. The University has no ability to use the funds for any other purpose – including offsetting the reductions to our Campus Alberta Operating Grant.

While the reduction of 7.3 per cent to our Campus Alberta Operating Grant does pose a severe budgetary challenge to the University on a continuing basis, I am pleased that this $10 million grant is firm recognition from the Government of Alberta of the importance of the Destination Project to our University and our community. It is further evidence that while the current budget situation poses many challenges, the future continues to look bright for the University of Lethbridge.

On Wednesday, Mar. 27, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Atrium of University Hall, I and other members of senior administration will be providing a Community Update on the budget of the University. While we will not yet have a scenario established for the budget reductions we must face, we will outline the process we will follow to establish those reductions and build the revised 2013-14 University budget as well as provide any further updates we can on the provincial budget.


Dr. Mike Mahon
President and Vice-Chancellor