Campus Life

Summer painting schedule

Each year, the Department of Building Maintenance hires students to perform the painting of classrooms, labs, hallways, classrooms and other areas requiring a fresh coat of paint.

Products used in this project are environmentally friendly and safe for workers and those occupying adjacent spaces. The paint products contain no or low (VOC's) Volatile Organic Compound. There may be a faint odour from time to time and those with a high sensitivity to products of this nature should be aware.

The following is a tentative schedule and not included in this schedule is the UCA Mechanical Upgrade Project involving the painting of 35 to 40 offices on levels 6, 7 and 8.


Students' Union Building: SU180 Administration office
Anderson Hall: Classrooms and hallways
Turcotte Hall: Classrooms and hallways

Markin Hall: Classrooms, hallways and washrooms
Student's Union Building: Stairwell, caretaking rooms and

Wellness Centre: Classrooms and hallways
UCA: Classrooms and hallways

University Hall: Hallways
Exterior: Hand railings and bollards

For an itemized list of room numbers or any possible concerns please contact Marty Gadd, Building Maintenance (403-329-2652).