Campus Life

Power outages set for Tuesday, Aug. 17

Scheduled maintenance to a number of the University's electrical systems will result in intermittent power outages the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 17.

The University's electrical department is scheduling maintenance to campus electrical systems from 9 to 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

These tests include:

1. Testing the campus emergency power system. The campus will experience two power interruptions to the emergency electrical system. These interruptions will last for approximately 10-second intervals.

2. A power outage to Level 7 (Section B) is required to install a breaker. This outage will last approximately 45 minutes.

3. Testing of high voltage arc equipment. These tests will result in short, total building power outages to University Hall, the University Centre for the Arts and the University Library. The outages will occur a total of four times, lasting a duration of three minutes each.

Any questions or concerns about these planned power interruptions can be directed to Tal Meidinger at 403-329-2712 or via e-mail at