Campus Life

New service better addresses health issues

The University of Lethbridge has recently signed up with Occupational Injury Service (OIS), a new service for staff and faculty who experience a work related injury or illness.

The OIS program aligns with medical clinics that provide timely and appropriate medical care and disability management services specifically for
occupational injuries, with an emphasis on immediate (i.e., same day) communication with the employer to facilitate a safe return to work.

This service is specifically for non-emergent injuries/illnesses and provides the following benefits to staff/faculty:

• Same-day access to a physician with a background in occupational medicine and WCB-Alberta training (within 15 to 30 minutes of arrival)

• Same-day completion and submission of reports

• Identification and co-ordination of required medical services

• Earlier access to required medical and diagnostic tests, specifically MRI, CT and bone scans

• Earlier access to specialists and surgical procedures

• Completion of disability management reports that detail physical work capabilities and limitations to help determine return to work dates and tasks

• Worker and employer injury management education

• Development of a safe return-to-work plan

• Ongoing communication with the employee's family physician (OIS is a voluntary program). Staff/faculty will be given the option of attending an OIS clinic or other medical care if needed

If you experience a work related injury or illness, follow the incident/accident reporting process as usual. Report any work related injuries or illnesses to your direct supervisor, and complete the online campus incident/accident report form:

If you require first aid, contact Security Services at 2345 or other appropriate responder in your area. If you require medical treatment, contact the wellness co-ordinator at 403-332-5217 and the OIS clinic of your choice will be contacted for an appointment (same day in most cases).

The OIS clinics are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If your injury occurs outside of these hours, you would need to access medical services through a walk-in clinic or emergency services at the hospital.
There are currently two service providers for OIS in Lethbridge:

• CBI Health – Dr. Gibb, Bigelow Fowler West; Dr. Ukrainitz, Bigelow Fowler South; Dr. Mellor

• LifeMark Health – Dr. Allen, Piedmont Clinic west; and/or Dynamic Physiotherapy

For those who work on the Calgary or Edmonton campuses, there are service providers for the program in both cities.

• CBI Health – Midpark, Deerpark or Sunridge
• Wellpoint Health Corp
• Life Mark

• Medicentres Canada Inc – Westgrove, Ellerslie, Capilano, Castledowns or Millard Health

A few employees have had the opportunity to use this service already and the feedback has been very positive. Statistics show that the sooner someone is treated for an injury or illness, the sooner they are able to get back to work and participate in the other activities that make life enjoyable!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Suzanne McIntosh, wellness co-ordinator at 403-332-5217.