Library opens Faculty Publications display

The library is excited to announce a new Faculty Publications display.

This permanent display was created to highlight books authored by University of Lethbridge faculty members. The University of Lethbridge Library purchases and circulates publications by University faculty and is proud to have a collection that reflects the scholarship of faculty members.

Located on the wall beside the Reference Collection (level 10 East), the selection of faculty-authored publications will rotate as books are checked out and replaced. In the library catalog, books included in the display will have the location status field of Faculty Publications to help users identify where to find these items.

We invite you to visit the library to explore the books currently on display and check out items if desired.

The Faculty Authored Publications within the library collections are primarily based on submissions to the annual book awards event that honours faculty members' monographic publishing and editing accomplishments each year. The library draws materials for the display from a list containing approximately 200 books. You may find this list at by selecting Collection Highlights under About Us in the footer of the library's homepage. One of the collections highlighted is the U of Lethbridge Faculty Authored Publications.

Because we know that the list is not necessarily comprehensive, the library is asking faculty members for help in building this list and the collection itself. If there is a book that you or your colleague has written that is in the library and not included in the list of Faculty Authored Publications, please send a message to the library using the Comment and Replies link found under Quick Links on the library's homepage. Library staff will then be able to include the book in the list of other faculty-authored publications.

The library also encourages faculty members to alert their liaison librarian about upcoming publications to ensure that these materials are included within the library's collection. Among the authors whose books are currently on display are Dr. Hilary Rodrigues, John Peter Oleson, Dr. Ian McAdam and Dr. Alan Siaroff.