Honorary degree recipient passes away

One of Canada's foremost geographers and a University of Lethbridge honorary degree recipient has passed away.

Marie Sanderson (honorary doctor of science, '00) died of breast cancer in Toronto on July 12 at the age of 88.

Noted as a pioneering climatologist and highly respected figure in environmental research, Sanderson was the first female geography professor in Canada when she completed her PhD at the University of Michigan and later accepted a position as assistant professor of geography at the University of Windsor.

An experienced traveler, Sanderson would attend conferences throughout the world and similarly took her studies to many corners of the globe. Her focus remained in Canada however as she was instrumental in conducting research into water management issues in the Grand River Basin and in Ontario. She also studied in the Canadian Arctic and assisted Environment Canada on studies related to climate change.

The University of Lethbridge recognized Sanderson with an honorary doctor of science in 2000.

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