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Foundations of New Media micro-credential now accepting registrations

A new University of Lethbridge micro-credential opportunity that will give learners the skills to thrive in the booming Alberta film industry and digital media world is now accepting students as it readies to debut in January 2023.

The new short-term, stackable, micro-credential offerings are designed for maximum flexibility. Individuals can take any of the five new modules separately as they gain badges of recognition, or as a cluster to achieve a Foundations of New Media Certificate of professional development. All programs will be offered exclusively online through the Department of New Media in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

“When designing these courses, we really wanted to meet the needs of our learners and what they were looking for in terms of adding skills and competencies to their existing knowledge. I think this becomes especially important for freelance or small business enterprises,” says Leanne Elias, Chair of the Department of New Media and one of the key developers of the program. “Each course is independent of each other, so students can choose whether they want to take them individually by interest or stack them together for a full certificate.”

Three courses will be offered in Spring 2023 and are four to five weeks in length. The suite of courses offers an introduction to the world of new media, with a focus on creating media that is engaging, relevant and meaningful. The series of modules combines theory and hands-on experience.

“They really are perfect for complete beginners or for those who have some experience with these mediums,” says Elias. “Students will learn to think critically about contemporary media culture and their own role as media users. They’ll also acquire foundational skills in visual design, web design, digital video storytelling and editing, digital culture and communication and mobile media production.”

The Alberta film industry generates around $550 million per year with the majority of the filming done in and around the Calgary area. As it continues to grow, so do opportunities for people with the skills sought after by filmmakers.

“New media is an expansive field with ever-changing needs,” says instructor Michelle Sylvestre, who also helped develop the curriculum and will be delivering the courses. “Whether a beginner or someone with experience, these courses are designed to provide opportunities for professional growth and improvement relevant to current and future markets.”

The Foundations of New Media Certificate program is designed for those who already work or aspire to work in digital media and film; who use creative software for digital marketing, web development or design; freelance or aspire to freelance in photography, video or web development design; run a small business where they are responsible for marketing or content development.

A free New Media Micro-Credential Information Webinar has been created for all those interested in learning more. It takes place Tuesday, December 20, 2022, at 4 p.m.

The modules, available for registration at, are as follows:

Foundations of New Media – January 11 to February 8, 2023 (Registration opens Dec. 15, 2022)
In this five-week course, learners will examine digital media theory and create digital media work using different software applications. Learners will acquire (or be taught) foundational skills in manipulating digital graphics and photography as well as post-production video editing.

Core Principles for Visual Design – February 22 to March 22, 2023
Introduction to design fundamentals and principles as they relate to new media. Concepts and practice of graphic design theory will be explored in relation to specific media such as print, web and other new media applications.

Digital Video Storytelling and Editing – May 3 to May 31, 2023
An introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of digital video production, with studies in aesthetics and sequence construction. Through the process of pre-production, production, and post-production students will utilize elements and principles of directing, cinematography and editing.

Introduction to Web Design — Fall 2023
An introduction to website design using current content management systems and online platforms with consideration to branding, design, layout and current web standards.

Digital Culture and Communication — Fall 2023
Online professional presence building in social media for future careers or creative goals through the implementation of practices and techniques for creating, improving and maintaining the publicly accessible aspects of an individual or organizational digital presence.