Campus Life

Federal election forum in UHall Atrium, Wednesday

A who's who of University of Lethbridge political pundits will lead today's post-election round table discussion in the UHall Atrium. 2011 Federal Election Wrap-Up - What Actually Happened is from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Atrium and everyone is welcome to attend.

At the start, the 2011 Canadian election was widely depicted as the Canadian version of a Seinfeld episode: about nothing, and likely to change nothing. Instead, it produced a series of surprises and a U of L panel will discuss. Dr. Trevor Harrison (Sociology), Dr. Peter McCormick (Political Science) and Dr. Bill Ramp (Sociology) will lead the discussion, with other surprise guests expected to attend.

The near annihilation of the Bloc in Quebec, the hobbling of the Liberal party in most parts of Canada, the NDP's capturing the post of official opposition, and the election to parliament of Canada's first Green Party member, while also giving Stephen Harper's Conservative's their long-sought after majority are just some of the surprises that came out of the election.

But what actually happened? How and why did events transpire as they did? What do the election results mean for Canadian politics in future?

These are just some of the questions the panel guests will address in this free, public, post-election forum.