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Bee Heart Smart Challenge continues success

The Bee Heart Smart Challenge – Walk, Run, Swim or Cycle 2009, from May 1 to June 13, was an initiative for staff and faculty sponsored by the U of L Wellness Committee and Sport and Recreation Services. The program started in 2005 as a walking challenge and has evolved to become the "Bee Heart Smart" contest that includes running, swimming and cycling.

The goal is to promote active living, which means making physical activity a part of everyday life through walking, taking the stairs, gardening, playing with your kids or dogs at the park, swimming or cycling, just to name a few activities.

There is a strong connection between the health and well-being of people and their work environments and the more active employees are, the healthier the University community. And of course we want people to have fun while being active!

Wellness Week kicked off the contest this year and as of June 1, 176 participants and 17 teams were registered. This is the highest number of participants since the Wellness Committee began keeping records.

Activity is recorded (either daily or weekly) by:

• Counting steps while walking or running (using a pedometer is the best way to do this)

• Counting laps while swimming (each 50m lap is counted as one)

• Tracking minutes spent cycling

Weekly winners are drawn from registrants who have logged progress during the week. Weekly draw winners to date include: Nicole Spence, Carl Budny, Ruth Hummel, Sheri Lacey, John Poulsen, Joan Zimmer, Nicole Wilson, Linda Gray, Susan Hill, Edward Malinsky, Rumi Graham and Kevin McFadzen.

During the third week of the contest, individuals who entered the most steps, laps or cycle time were awarded prizes as well. Cindy Venhuis, Dwayne Armstrong and JulieAnne Kent were winners.

The Fast Trackers won the draw for Early Bird Team Registration.

The contest wrap-up and prize announcements occur the week of June 15. Get out there and get active and next year look for "purposeful activity" time instead of just cycle time.

Thanks to the following areas for prize donations or discounts: AUPE, U of L Bookstore, Sport and Recreation Services, U of L Athletics and Southern AB Centre for Successful Aging.