The Alumni Honour Society 2011 Inductees

In celebration of the University's 35th Anniversary in 2002, the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association established the Alumni Honour Society to recognize the achievements of successful alumni within the global community. The individuals inducted into this prestigious group serve as role models through success in their vocation, outstanding community service or superior accomplishment in their avocation.

Dr. Benjamin D. Cavilla (BSc '00)

Benjamin Cavilla is a founding member and director of medical operations for the Flying Doctors of Canada (FDOC). His travels and humanitarian efforts have spanned the continent from Canada's Arctic to the jungles of Central America and include many developing nations. As a physician, Cavilla has dedicated himself to providing the best care possible under very limited conditions and gaining an understanding of the cultural context which impedes the delivery of more universal and effective health care. Cavilla is also helping to train the next generation of medical professionals and humanitarians through FDOC's Doctors of Tomorrow Program.

Michael A. Cavilla (BA '93)

Employed with the Calgary Police Service for the last 15 years, Michael Cavilla was promoted to the rank of detective in 2002 and is currently assigned to the homicide unit of the major crimes section. Cavilla's commitment and enthusiasm to giving back is demonstrated through his involvement in numerous charitable and humanitarian projects. Locally, he is president of the Calgary Police Rodeo Association and head coach of the Calgary Police Service international soccer team. Internationally, he is the director of public relations for the Flying Doctors of Canada and a volunteer for Children's Aid International Relief Development.

Dr. A. Craig Loewen (BEd '84)

Craig Loewen has been a member of the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge since 1987 and took on the role of interim dean in 2010. Trained as a mathematics educator, Loewen's research also includes understanding how students learn and how teachers can promote and enrich the learning experience. Dedicated to his profession and respected by his peers, Loewen has received the University of Lethbridge Distinguished Teaching Award, the Educational Research Award from the Alberta Teachers' Association and was appointed a Friend of the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association.

Richard R. Masson (BMgt '87)

With 25 years experience in government and Canada's oil industry, Richard Masson brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his current position as executive advisor, oil sands, for the Alberta Energy Department. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Masson has generously served the community, including the Calgary Persons with Development Disabilities Board and chairing the University of Lethbridge Calgary Alumni & Friends Dinner committee. Masson is respected as a leading member of the U of L community who makes significant investments of time and effort on behalf of the University.

Dr. Marla K. Middleton Freitag (BEd '81)

Marla Middleton Freitag is a program coordinator and instructor at Medicine Hat College. A dedicated, lifelong-learner, Middleton is respected for the innovation and passion she brings to the classroom. She makes courses relevant to her students by relating theory to practice, enhancing the learning experience and creating a positive environment. For her expertise, creativity and substantial contribution to the field of education, Middleton Freitag was honoured with the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award and the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association (ACIFA) Award in 2011, and an Academic Achievement Award in 2010.

Terry T. Whitehead (BA '94)

An ardent supporter of the arts, Terry Whitehead enjoyed a long and successful career in the non-profit theatre industry before moving into executive recruitment. He is an enthusiastic ambassador for the University of Lethbridge who is actively involved in the Alumni Association and has supported a variety of initiatives dedicated to enhancing the student experience. Wanting to increase opportunities for current U of L students, Whitehead initiated two unique student awards: The Play Right Prize and the Striking Prose competitions aimed at encouraging excellence and development in student playwriting and short-story writing.

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