Student Advising

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge provides academic advising regarding:

  • program planning
  • course selection
  • course sequencing
  • explanation of Academic Regulations
  • assistance with course Add/Drops
  • assistance with course Withdrawals
  • assistance with Program changes
  • prerequisite waivers

Students are strongly encouraged to keep their Program Planning Guides up-to-date by keeping track of courses that have been completed towards their programs. Students are responsible for the accuracy of their own programs and should have a program check completed by an Academic Advisor during their final year of studies.

B.N. & B.N.A.D.
B.H.Sc. & B.T.R
M.N., Ph.D. & M.Sc.
  • Sherry Hogeweide
  • Markin Hall, M3083
  • To book an appointment with Sherry, call 403-329-2699