Public Health

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What is Public Health?
Public Health focuses on the prevention of disease; it aims to promote and protect the health of Canadians and populations across the globe. The U of L offers the only undergraduate degree in public health in Alberta. Completion of the program will earn you a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

The core of our work in public health is to take steps to prevent chronic and infectious disease before it occurs. Come be part of this exciting and rapidly expanding field and have a positive influence on your world!

Hands-on Experience
You may choose to complete a practicum, co-op, or applied studies course to gain valuable experience in local, national or international public health practice. Many of our graduates have found immediate success in the job market because of the practical experience they have gained in our program.

Public Health

Public Health Career Paths
A career in public health can include designing and implementing programs that promote health, collecting and analyzing health data, and shaping policy. Graduates in public health often work for governments, private-sector and non-profit organizations. Career opportunities focus in areas such as:

• Aboriginal/Immigrant Health    
• Epidemiology & Biostatistics
• Environmental Health
• Health Policy
• Health Promotion
• Health Services Administration
• Infectious Disease Control
• Global Health
• Program Management & Evaluation
• Wellbeing/Healthy Eating

Applicants with bachelor's degrees will be able to complete an individualized 20-course program in just two years. Contact the academic advisor at for more details.