Internship for New Media

New Media Internships

The internship places students in a working environment related to their educational pursuits. The collaborative efforts of students, employers, and the University create an enriched learning experience. These relationships also create closer liaisons among industry, higher education, and the community where students benefit from the knowledge and leadership of an employer while gaining real work experience.

The new media internship program facilitates the student's emergence into the divergent world of digital media technologies. The internship:

  • Provides opportunities to apply academic knowledge and skills
  • Introduces employment possibilities
  • Develops self-directed job search skills
  • Provides challenging and relevant work experience
  • Assists in making realistic and informed career choices
  • Provides the opportunities to build valuable contacts within the new media industry
  • Assists in the transition from university to the workplace

Internship are a minimum of 300 hours and not more than 400 hours. However, a student may remain for a longer period, if necessary. All internship placements must be approved by the Internship Program Coordinator prior to starting work.

Internship Coordinator
phone: 403-394-3913