U of L In The News

U of L In The News

Researchers from Alberta universities patent urine-based analysis to diagnose concussions

U of L researchers have been approved for a provisional patent on a test that will quickly diagnose concussions using a urine sample

Water shortages are a major risk of climate change. Alberta may already be seeing warning signs

U of L water experts weigh in on a disturbing trend

University of Lethbridge study uses urine analysis to diagnose concussions

Concussion or traumatic brain injury has become one of the most important issues in sport. U of L researchers are using a non-invasive test that examines specific metabolites in a player’s urine.

Lethbridge post-secondary schools say enrollment is ‘steady’

There have been plenty of changes for post-secondary institutions for nearly two years now, but one thing that has remained constant is students looking to learn.

Oldman River’s low water levels adding stress to ecosystem: experts

Dr. Stefan Kienzle comments on the fragility of the Old Man River watershed

Lethbridge author chronicles life with bipolar disorder

U of L student Jason Wegner co-authors book on living with a mental illness with uLethbridge professor and psychologist Dr. Kerry Bernes

Pump on or plug in?

Dr. Danny LeRoy weighs in on the hidden costs of policy initiatives put forward by policitians for electric-powered vehicles

Permanent daylight saving time “worst” option for Alberta says U of L Professor

Dr. Rob McDonald explains how permanent DST plays havoc with the body's internal clock

Campus Bird Checklist created by U of L master’s student

Master’s student, Samantha Krause, helped with the initiative documenting over 135 different species of birds

Lethbridge prof says constant Standard Time is preferable to Daylight Saving Time

Dr. Rob McDonald has studied the effects of circadian dysfunction on brain and body

Municipal election an opportunity for a more diverse city council

Gideon Fujiwara speaks to informing the electorate about true diversity

Knitting at Noon program running at U of L

The U of L's Knitting at Noon started from an idea seen in England by Josephine Mills.

What would a ward system mean for future Lethbridge civic elections?

Political Science Professor Dr. Lars Hallström says a ward system has always been considered to be more democratic and typically drives higher voter turnout, too.

UA Announcements – October 4, 2021

Kathleen Massey has been reappointed for a second five-year term as the University of Lethbridge’s associate vice-president, students.

Blood reserve rockhunter brings iridescent fossil shells 'back to the world'

The U of L's Charlene Bruised Head-Mountain Horse says learning about the iniskim (also known as ammolite or buffalo calling stones) is part of helping students grow at any stage of their life.

‘Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors’ bringing live theatre back to U of L

Live theatre is returning to the U of L in October! “Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors” runs nightly from Oct. 5-9 at 7:30 p.m.

Lethbridge recognizes National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

U of L student Chataya Holy Singer designed the t-shirt being worn by many in Lethbridge on Thursday, the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Gaps found in Alberta youth mental health services: University of Lethbridge study

A recently published University of Lethbridge study by Dr. Brenda Leung highlights problems in care for children and youth with serious mental health issues.

What could a ward system look like in Lethbridge?

U of L political scientists Drs. Geoffrey Hale and Lars Hallström weigh in on a ward system for Lethbridge

Activities at U of L address reconciliation

Events at the U of L offer opportunities to learn about truth and reconciliation