U of L In The News

U of L In The News

Dhillon School of Business High School Finance Competition now virtual, accessible to more schools

The response from schools has already been positive, with students from across Alberta as well as Ontario already registered

University webinar focused on migrant activism

The WSSS Webinar focused on migrant activism and community-based research in a global pandemic

Lethbridge artist nominated for national photography award

U of L alumna Angeline Simon is one of two dozen artists in Canada with the chance of winning $10,000 and a place in two group exhibitions

Holly Kletke chosen as Lethbridge’s delegate for Daughters of the Vote

Alumna Holly Kletke is the city’s delegate for the third annual Daughters of the Vote

Archaeological society to talk past pandemics

Dr. Kevin McGeough from the University of Lethbridge will speak about pandemics in the ancient world

Video Premiere: Homeless in Hawaii – ‘Chapter III – Gold Horizon’

Homeless in Hawaii is composed of Digital Audio Arts students from the University of Lethbridge

One-of-a-kind test facility in southern Alberta aims to be a key launching pad for space exploration

Dr. David Naylor, head of the university’s Astronomical Instrumentation Group, is leading the development of a cryogenic chamber

U of L scientists contributing to advances in Quantum computing

Saurya Das says Lethbridge residents should be proud that at their hometown university, the approaching quantum future is being written

Are there any homosexual animals? See them here

Dr. Paul Vasey says that for some animals, homosexual behaviour isn't an occasional event but a regular thing

University of Lethbridge plans for 'significant' return of students to campus in fall 2021

Kathleen Massey discusses the U of L's fall planning

Black History Month inspires a father to think about the world his daughter will grow up in

Washington, D.C., lawyer and U of L alumnus Julian SpearChief-Morris tells his story

Lethbridge families embrace the cold, or head online, for Family Day

Fortunately, in a pandemic-worthy pivot, the U of L decided to not only host Play Day online, they also expanded it a week

Archaeological Society hosting virtual presentation on the history of pandemics

Dr. Kevin McGeough of the University of Lethbridge will speak on “pandemics of the ancient world.”

This Calgary apparel company is reviving your favourite dead sports franchises

Former students Jonathan Anderson and Garrett Crump reconnect for business opportunity

Why Do Straight Women Trust Gay Men More Than Other Women?

New research by Scott Semenyna and Paul Vasey helps to unpack the complex dynamics which impact this phenomenon.

Carleton’s Canadian Foreign Policy Journal Announces Winner of Best Paper Prize

Dr. Geoffrey Hale has won the 2020 CFPJ Best Paper Prize for his peer-reviewed article

Lethbridge educators say more girls are going into science-based programs

Educators at every level say they are enthusiastically guiding more young women and girls into science and technology fields

University of Lethbridge welcomes Dr. Dena McMartin as new Vice-President (Research)

A leading researcher in rural water management is poised to assume a senior management role

Researcher addresses COVID myth

Dr. Trushar Patel speaks about the origins of the coronavirus and the worldwide effort to produce viable, safe and effective vaccines.

Predators line up for grasshoppers

Dr. Dan Johnson addresses the Manitoba Agronomists Conference