Campus Life

Witticism the central theme of Hay Fever

Witticism and sophistication mix with a dose of light-hearted comedy to kick off the first mainstage theatre production, Hay Fever.

Twists and turns abound in this Noel Coward classic, playing Oct. 20-24, nightly at 8 p.m. in the University Theatre. Directed by Theatre and Dramatic Arts faculty, Gail Hanrahan, Hay Fever presents a perfect platform to showcase complex characters, rich costuming and spectacular sets.

"Hay Fever is a very high energy play; a clever combination of farce and comedy of manners. It represents the flamboyancy of the 1920s and reflects the debonair eccentricities of Noel Coward as a playwright," says Hanrahan.

At the heart of Hay Fever are the Blisses: Judith, a recently "retired" stage actress, David, a self-absorbed novelist, and their two children who live in a world where reality slides easily into fiction. The unfortunate weekend guests – a proper diplomat, shy flapper, athletic boxer, and fashionable sophisticate – are thrown into melodramatic scenes where their hosts profess emotions and react to situations that do not really exist.

"It's a very funny show," says Hanrahan. "From the set and costumes to the whirlwind plot twists – this play is full of eccentricities to amuse the audience."

Considered by many to be cleverly constructed, slightly cynical and undeniably entertaining, Hay Fever sets the stage for an evening of good fun.

Tickets are on sale now at the University Box Office. $15 Adult and $10 Student and Senior. Tickets for all four mainstage productions are all available with season tickets priced at $45 and student/senior season tickets at $30, a 25 per cent savings. Call the Box Office 403-329-2616 for more details.