U of L kicks off 50th anniversary celebrations with Founders’ Day Weekend

Now that the University of Lethbridge has officially reached the age of 50, celebrations to mark the occasion are in order.

“We are inviting everyone with a connection to the U of L to participate in the many celebrations we have planned to commemorate our 50th anniversary,” says Dr. Chris Hosgood, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and co-chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee. “If not for the support of the community, this university may have never broken ground. We want to acknowledge the determination and commitment of our founders to make this institution a reality.”

The Founders’ Day Weekend on Jan. 13 and 14 provides a way to acknowledge the contributions of the many forward-thinking individuals behind the idea of a university in Lethbridge and all those people who have played roles, large and small, in making the U of L the leading institution it is today.

The journey to becoming a full-fledged university is highlighted in Let It Shine On, a song written by John Wort Hannam (BA/BEd ’96) to mark the U of L’s 50th anniversary. His lyrics tell the U of L story, from the ‘plans that were laid’ to ‘times of unrest, lines of protest,’ to a future filled with the ‘power of hope and the power of dreaming.’

“We are excited to premiere this song during our Founders’ Day Weekend,” says Chris Horbachewski, vice-president of Advancement and co-chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee. “John has captured our past, present and future in his song and we look forward to sharing it with the community during Founders’ Day Weekend and playing it at special occasions for years down the road.”

The University will be launching several special initiatives during the Founders’ Day Weekend. They include the unveiling of the U of L tartan and naming the winner of the tartan contest. A specialty beer label will be revealed, details of the 50 Voices oral history project will be announced and the Shine On Fund will be introduced. In addition, a special birthday cake made in the shape of University Hall will also make its appearance. Baked and decorated by Amy Whipple (BA ’07), this architect of fondant has used more than 30 pounds of butter, about 90 cups of sugar and 13 dozen eggs to create a birthday cake like no other.