Campus Life

Student Services Fair a first for campus

By CHANTELLE FROC, Student Writer

By November, most students have settled into campus life, finished their midterms, and some may even be already counting down the days until Christmas. However, despite the fact that classes have been in session for two months, many students still do not know the full extent of the services and groups available to them.

For this reason, the University of Lethbridge is excited to announce the first-ever On-Campus Student Services Fair, taking place Wednesday, Nov. 9 in the University Hall Atrium.

"The goal of the fair is to raise awareness regarding all the services that are here for students to support them as they make their way through the process of earning their degree," says Eric Hawthorne, co-ordinator of Student Life Programs for Recruitment and Student Life. "The On-Campus Student Services Fair aims to assist students in being successful."

So, what exactly will be available at the fair?

Students will be able to learn about Academic Advising and how to plan out their academic path; Counselling Services will be present to answer questions about stress-management, study skills and the many workshops offered by the University; and several other important groups and departments that provide support to students will be represented.

The event is intended for all U of L students, not just those in their first year.

"This will be new for returning students as well," says Hawthorne. "We want returning students to know that we care just as much about how they are doing. Just because a student has been at the University of Lethbridge for a year or two does not mean that they know the answer to everything.

"We hope that all students will come out and ask the questions that they have been looking to have answered, regardless of their year of study."

The On-Campus Student Services Fair runs from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.