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Recognizing the 2024 recipients of the President's Awards for Service Excellence

The University of Lethbridge President's Office is pleased to announce the 2024 recipients of the President's Awards for Service Excellence.

AUPE recipient – Dr. Govi Veerareddygari

Dr. Govi Veeraddygari

With an immense impact on the essential operations needed for science instruction and research at the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Govi Veerareddygari is being recognized with the President’s Award for Service Excellence (AUPE).

The Associate Director of Central Stores and Internal Compliance, Veerareddygari joined the Science Operations team in the spring of 2019 and quickly became an essential figure in the creation of the Science Stores unit when the University’s state-of-the-art Science Commons opened that year. At the time, the Science Stores concept was a significant change in direction compared to how materials and chemicals had previously been purchased and managed. Veerareddygari’s leadership has been essential in ensuring its success and creating operational efficiencies across various departments.

With a PhD in chemistry, Veerareddygari first came to ULethbridge in 2016 as a postdoctoral fellow. His personal experience in molecular biology and biochemistry has been invaluable in allowing him to facilitate the successful operations of the Science Stores, with a knowledge of how scientists and researchers typically conduct their work that allows him to anticipate what materials they will want and need. His leadership in working with both the internal clients and faculty the Science Stores serves, as well external vendors, has allowed it to become a well-oiled unit with the correct amounts of materials and supplies stocked and available when needed. Veerareddygari’s tireless work and keen eye for organization has ensured efficiency and convenience for faculty and researchers that is widely appreciated, saving them the time and effort of submitting requisitions for common supplies that can regularly be difficult to acquire.

During the COVID-19 pandemic while most in-person work was paused on campus, critical activities and research were allowed to continue and Veerareddygari ensured that Science Stores operations continued in a way that benefited those on campus during an exceptional time. He worked closely with caretaking and facilities to purchase and stock personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, and he showed immense foresight in getting ahead of global supply chain disruptions.

Veerareddygari’s ability to build relationships and better the reputation of the institution has been evident in the success he’s had working closely with vendors, ensuring that the University research community is respected and regarded among those companies, and coordinating on-campus trade shows. His impact has also been felt in the considerable savings he’s found for the institution and its researchers. Veerareddygari’s work negotiating bulk purchasing contracts and creating various financial strategies to reduce costs is revered by his colleagues, and the Science Stores has regularly been an exemplar and source of inspiration and ideas for other departments on campus.

A shining ambassador for ULethbridge, Veerareddygari is described by those in the Faculty of Arts & Science as kind, easy to work with and amiable, and his dedication is admired by those fortunate enough to work closely with him.

APO — Angela Rosenau

Angela Rosenau

A key administrative professional in the Office of Research and Innovation Services, Angela Rosenau, Manager of Post-Doctoral Affairs and Immigration Services, is the 2024 recipient of the President’s Award for Service Excellence (APO).

The post-doctoral community at ULethbridge is a small but incredibly important engine for research productivity, teaching, innovation and day-to-day mentorship of graduate students and undergraduate researchers. Rosenau supports post-doctoral fellows working across all Faculties at our university, as well as working with our Human Resources team to support the immigration needs of bringing international colleagues, researchers and faculty members to campus.

A champion for the postdoctoral community at ULethbridge, Rosenau resolves issues as they arise, advocates for post-docs and works diligently to ensure their experience at ULethbridge is of the highest quality. As a result of her dedication to supporting post-doctoral researchers in joining the University, Rosenau is a key figure in recruiting top-tier talent and directly enhances the quality of support that is offered to post-docs which is an important part of maintaining a thriving, vibrant research community.

Rosenau’s wide breadth of knowledge, innovation and adaptability has made her the go-to person at ULethbridge for anything related to post-doctoral affairs, frequently going above and beyond as part of her commitment to supporting excellence.

As post-doctoral fellows are research employees typically engaged in advanced training with an established researcher, many relocate from across Canada or are newcomers to Canada who can face obstacles in obtaining work permits or adjusting to their new surroundings. Continually working hard behind the scenes, Rosenau helps to resolve work permit problems and guides faculty through administrative tasks.

Not stopping there, she helps welcome post-doctoral researchers to campus by proactively incorporating them into the campus culture, hosting networking events and mental health and wellness sessions, and sharing information on new funding opportunities. This support, which directly influences the retention of post-doctoral scholars, enhances the quality of their position and supports their well-being at ULethbridge.

Rosenau’s wide-ranging knowledge of differing research cultures and an understanding of the demands placed on early career researchers has led to a robust post-doctoral program at ULethbridge, one that continues to attract top talent and create significant research contributions.

A vital role in research support, Rosenau has directly enhanced ULethbridge’s reputation as a comprehensive university and leading research institution, and has had a lasting positive impact on many members of the post-doctoral and research community.

Team Award — Community Engagement Team, University of Lethbridge Library

Sandra Cowan, Karli Pansky, Marnie Rogstad, Jessica Davies, Mechelle McCalla, and Jesse Malinsky.

The University of Lethbridge is proud to present the Library’s Community Engagement Team (CET) with the President’s Award for Service Excellence (Team).

Continuously stepping outside the box to increase student and community engagement, this team is recognized for its exceptional service and innovative approaches to improve the well-being of the campus community.

Team members Jessica Davies (chair), Jesse Malinsky, Marnie Rogstad, Mechelle McCalla, Sandra Cowan and Karli Pansky represent collaboration across all employee groups, working together with a shared purpose — to engage and build the University network.

While the Library provides exceptional service and access to academic resources for the community, the CET takes it to another level, tending to the holistic well-being of students and campus fellowship. Whether it’s an opportunity for students to unwind, to get free snacks, to spend time with a therapy dog or to play a game, the CET provides reasons for people to stay on campus and to connect. Their work fosters a sense of belonging that has taken on renewed importance particularly as we work to rebuild our community following the pandemic.

From establishing the Stress-Free Zone in the Library at exam times, to organizing games nights, escape rooms, Library scavenger hunts, trivia nights at the Zoo and monthly BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) clubs, the CET devotes countless hours to ensuring a variety of options to forge connections. Working alongside Student Affairs in the campus-wide Rec Room initiative, the CET developed and maintains one in the Library, and hosts booths at campus events such as Open House, Ahead of the Herd and Services Fair to name a few. In addition, the CET curates many thoughtful and engaging displays throughout the year in the Library.

CET also elevates the Library’s external presence, working with community partners such as the Lethbridge Public Library (LPL). Through this partnership, they participate in events like Word on the Street, the Homelessness Service Fair and Community Connections programs, which are valuable opportunities for the public to learn about the benefits the ULethbridge Library can provide. In addition, they collaborate on the LPL@UofL collection, which allows students to access non-academic materials, encouraging socialization and entertainment.

This incredibly dedicated team displays initiative and creativity in everything that it does. So much so, that others look to them for advice on increasing student engagement. Not only does this team’s mission enhance the reputation of the University Library but for ULethbridge as a whole. Their work truly exemplifies passion for building community and a desire to make the student experience the best it can possibly be.