QIP fund helps ease challenge for students

The University of Lethbridge Students' Union (ULSU) plays a prominent role in every student's educational and social experience during their time at the University of Lethbridge. To what degree and depth that interaction between students and their organization occurs can differ significantly with each individual.

The majority of U of L students interact with the ULSU through one of the many programs or services that are regularly offered, such as the Health and Dental Plan, a club, the Zoo, a major music event, the food court or through a scholarship opportunity. However, in a few special cases, the ULSU has been able to make a very personal impact on the lives of some of our students through the Quality Initiative Program (QIP) Disability Fund.

"The QIP Disability Fund is set up to improve the quality of life for students who have disabilities," says Adam Vossepoel, ULSU president. "Often, a student's required procedures or devices aren't covered by health care or any other government agency because they aren't considered 'necessary'. However, without these, a student's ability to participate in their university career would be affected in a very negative way."

The most recent case of the QIP fund being put to good use was the opportunity to provide a SpeechEasy fluency tool to a student, which continues to assist that student in reducing stuttering. Other devices and treatments purchased through this initiative include implanted hearing aids and treatment for extreme migraine headaches.

"We exist to ensure that U of L students' needs are being met. That's our mandate, to look out for students, and we do the best we can to keep that in mind every day," says Vossepoel.