Public Professor column seeking submissions

The Lethbridge Herald's Public Professor column is looking for input from University of Lethbridge researchers and their areas of expertise.

The weekly column, which appears every Saturday in the Herald, features short articles written by U of L faculty on their areas of research. The idea is to get the readership interested in the diversity of topics addressed by the various units at the University and, when practical, how this research may impact the lives and world of the readership.

The column was started by Dr. James Linville and Dr. Dan Johnson in December 2008, and several dozen articles on a wide variety of subjects have been published. These include things like the so-called "Cargo Cults" to quantum mechanics, the demise of roadside flowers due to herbicide use to Darwin's journey.

The articles have to be as close to 600 words as possible and be written in a non technical style relatively free from jargon. Basically, they should be readable by people with a high school level of reading. The articles might be about experiments you are running and why they are important, to little known facts of history, or the contribution of great, and perhaps misunderstood, scholars from the past. In some cases, even a course description could be worth developing into an article.

Those interested in submitting articles can do so to the Lethbridge Herald. Articles must be in by Wednesday for inclusion in the Saturday paper. A colour photo of the author is also necessary.

For further questions about the Public Professor column, contact Linville at