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President's Award for Service Excellence 2014

The University of Lethbridge President's Office is pleased to announce the 2014 recipients of the President's Award for Service Excellence.

AUPE Recipient - Margaret Cook

Margaret Cook, administrative assistant in the Departments of Geography and History, personifies service excellence and models professional and ethical behaviour for all.

Margaret Cook's professional outlook is a key factor in her success.

Cook has been administrative support for five different department chairs. She has adjusted to the different styles of the chairs, and has helped them immensely by taking the initiative to anticipate issues. She has streamlined several recurring administrative procedures in the department, making them simpler, more efficient, and more transparent.

In recent years, the department has been challenged by its move into two separate buildings, University Hall and the Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building. Cook has played an essential role in keeping the department a coherent unit. She has established infrastructure that allows the department to function as a whole, has mentored the assistants in the water building, and at times has even managed the building remotely. Her efforts have allowed the Departments of Geography and History to function coherently.

Her professional outlook is a key part of her success. Even in highly-charged situations, Cook exerts a strong calming influence. She always responds appropriately in situations that involve matters of confidentiality and institutional sensitivity. Experienced in tact and diplomacy, she takes a relaxed, evidence-based approach to interacting with faculty. The members of the department trust her implicitly. Cook also provides valuable help to new faculty adjusting to the U of L. She provides mentorship on crafting syllabi, the scheduling of examinations, and many other teaching-related matters. Beyond the department, she is also actively involved in the AUPE, serving on several committees, the negotiating team, and as treasurer.

Margaret Cook embodies the qualities of service, commitment, and participation, and in recognition she is the recipient of the 2014 President’s Award for Service Excellence for AUPE staff.

APO Recipient - Steve Craig

Over the years, Steve Craig has provided outstanding service to the Faculty of Management, other U of L units, and to Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton communities.

Steve Craig has a genuine interest in using U of L talent to make Lethbridge a better place to do business has earned him the respect of community leaders.

Craig has a diverse slate of responsibilities. These include running the highly successful Management Co-Op Program, running fundraising events and sponsored events, and coordinating the Lethbridge and Calgary Management Advisory Boards. In all his responsibilities he constantly strives for ways to improve the work he does, embodying the phrase “the relentless pursuit of quality.”

Craig has had a major impact on students. He has become the de facto student advisor for the Management Students Society and the JDC West Case Competition Group. His total commitment to the vision of these student groups was recently recognized by JDC West when they honoured him as their Advisor of the Year. In his interactions with students he is professional, approachable, and caring, an outstanding role model for the students.

He is an excellent ambassador for the University. His genuine interest in using U of L talent to make Lethbridge a better place to do business has earned him the respect of community leaders. He runs the annual Faculty of Management Scholarship Dinner, which helps promote and build the University’s relationship with the external community. Working with the Department of Advancement, Craig secure support from Alberta Treasury Branch for the ATB Financial Small Business Speaker Series, which takes place in smaller southern Alberta communities.

The University of Lethbridge is proud to recognize Steve Craig for his dedicated service to the U of L and beyond with the 2014 President’s Award for Service Excellence for an APO/Exempt Support Staff.

Team Recipient - Erin Crane & Melissa Wiebe

As Manager and Event Coordinator, respectively, for Conference and Event Services, Erin Crane  and Melissa Wiebe are responsible for the U of L’s guest services, conference management and summer housing. Highly experienced and professional, Crane and Wiebe foresee critical issues and act preemptively to address them. They consistently show superlative skills for managing complex logistics, often under pressure due to short notice and tight timelines, as two recent examples show.

Erin Crane, left, and Melissa Wiebe consistently show superlative skills for managing complex logistics.

One of the team’s greatest recent successes was coordinating the May 2013 Canada Wide Science Fair at the University of Lethbridge. Host institutions are normally given three-year notice to prepare for the event, but Erin and Melissa had 20 months. In making the fair a reality, the team coordinated and managed events for 740 participants, 300 judges, more than 150 volunteers, and over 2,500 visitors to campus, plus media coverage. This event was successfully realized and attracted national recognition for the University of Lethbridge.

Management of a different kind was needed during the southern Alberta flood of 2013. In June of that year, when high flood waters displaced people from High River, Erin and Melissa coordinated the accommodation and services for 400 residents who came to stay on the U of L campus. The team coordinated units across campus and about 50 U of L volunteers and acted as the main point of contact for coordinating with external organizations. The success of this is a testament to their expertise, initiative and comprehensive oversight.

In recognition of their high quality service, Erin Crane and Melissa Wiebe of Conference and Event Services are the team recipients of the President’s Award for Service Excellence.