Perspective changes with new faces

Every year, there's an influx of new talent to the University of Lethbridge Students' Union (ULSU) – this year is no exception.

The ULSU Executive Council has brought a great many new ideas to the organization and is ready to make some positive changes to the student experience at the University of Lethbridge.

"It is my hope to provide students with a unique experience that reflects the essence of the University of Lethbridge," says Taz Kassam, ULSU president. "We want to compliment the academic programs, thereby enhancing the educational experience as well as the quality of campus life for students."

Kassam looks to do this by showcasing the services and opportunities offered through the ULSU. She also intends to see the ULSU recognized locally, provincially and nationally as a dynamic and innovative leader.

"It is very important that the ULSU has a strong representation on campus, as well as municipally, provincially and federally," says Allan Hall, vice-president operations and finance. "All four of these government bodies play a significant role in the lives of undergraduate students, and it is paramount that we ensure student voices are heard at these levels."

With a municipal election on the horizon, this is an exceptionally important year for the ULSU in terms of its advocacy on issues involving housing and transportation in Lethbridge.

The ULSU encourages student involvement both on campus and in the community, and this year the Executive Council is committed to increasing student engagement.

"The lifeblood of the ULSU is students," says Keith McLaughlin, vice-president academic. "We need to be engaged with and responsive to our students in order to be effective. Through our positions, we hope to invigorate the student body."

Open lines of communication are not always easy to achieve, but the ULSU is working hard to break down any barriers that may exist between students and the ULSU. Simple acts, such as having lunch with students and talking to students face-to-face help to create an awareness of the ULSU around campus and keep them in touch with who they elected.

"We really hope for a high level of transparency with the student population," says Nate McCowan, vice-president internal. "We want to engage our students and provide an atmosphere that fosters both learning and having fun."