Campus Life

New U of L residence gets a name

The mountain peaks of Waterton Lakes National Park serve as inspiration for the naming of the University of Lethbridge's newest student residence.

The Phase III housing complex adopts a naming convention that represents some of the highest mountain peaks in Waterton. The structure is named Mt. Blakiston House, as recently approved by the U of L's Board of Governors. Future buildings will acknowledge nearby peaks, such as Mt. Lineham, Mt. Hawkins, Mt. Alderson and Mt. Carthew.

Mt. Blakiston, the tallest mountain in Waterton Lakes National Park (9,547 ft), was named in 1858 for British explorer Thomas Blakiston. He travelled to what is now southern Alberta as part of the Palliser Expedition that, between 1857 and 1860, mapped much of western Canada on a search for possible rail routes.

"We're very excited to be putting a name to the new residence complex after having been able to refer to it only as 'Aperture Park Phase III' for so long," says Director of Housing Services, Terri Thomas. "The Waterton theme is a very good fit in that it is familiar to southern Albertans and an important part of our culture, but it also introduces visiting students to the history and geography of the area."

The $32 million, 259-bed facility opened in time for the start of school in early September, and brings the available space for resident students on campus to more than 950 beds.

The residence park at the University of Lethbridge is named Aperture Park after the Aperture sculpture, a massive installation that sits at the geographical centre of the U of L campus. Designed by noted Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, the iconic sculpture is a popular photo location.

Phase I of Aperture Park, built in the late 1980s/early 1990s, utilizes names that reflect the area's Blackfoot heritage and the members of the Blackfoot confederacy. The four residence structures are named Kainai House, Piikani House, Siksika House and Tsuu T'ina House. Phase II, opened in 2003 as unique townhome-style residences, is simply named Residence Village.