Campus Life

New access to parking lots

Significant changes are coming to the University's main parking lot in order to enhance pedestrian safety and create more green space.

Construction on Phase 1 of the project has seen the opening of a new access point to the University's E parking lot. Beginning this week, the areas adjacent to Anderson Hall - Lots E, F and FS - will be closed for the rest of the summer. Parking will be available in the west side of Lot E, accessed via the new entrance way or Aperture Drive.

Construction in Lots E, F and FS will include repaving, concrete curbs and sidewalks, new lighting, new vehicle plug-in pedestals and sustainable landscaping including windbreaks and storm water management to prevent flooding such as the incident that took place at the Wellness Centre in July 2008.

The redesign of the parking areas also means changes in lot designation. As of Sept. 1, Lots F and FS will be combined and named Lot FS. Permit fees will change to reflect current Lot F pricing.

Lot E west of Anderson Hall will be renamed Lot F. Permit fees for this area will continue at current Lot E pricing. Lot E south of Anderson Hall will remain Lot E.

These changes do not affect those with permits for other lots across campus.

Phase 2 of the project will begin in the summer of 2013. This phase will see the redevelopment of Lots E and G, along with improved visitor parking and new, more visible signage.

Additional project information and updates are available here.