Memorial service for U of L alumnus

A memorial service will be held today for the late Patrick (Chi Ho) Chan, a U of L alumnus and research assistant who passed away recently at the age of 29.

The service begins at 2 p.m. in the Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building (AWESB).

Chan, who studied under the tutelage of geography professor Dr. Dan Johnson, worked first as a summer student and then part-time on environmental research related to using natural agents to replace chemicals used in agriculture.

When he graduated at the 2009 Spring convocation, he was offered and accepted a full-time job as a research technician in the AWESB. Chan and Johnson worked closely together in both the lab and field, researching environmental safety testing and bioproduct production.

Chan was well known on campus with his refreshing combination of a sunny disposition and an unfailing dedication to hard work, accomplishment and always doing the right thing.

Always willing to do more than his share in the AWESB, as well as assist Johnson and graduate students Rob Sonnenberg, Paul Irvine and Chien Yang, Chan is survived by his parents Man Chit Chan and Jenny Chan, his sister Patty, and partner Joanna Huang.