Melnyk enthused about role with Calgary chapter

Enthusiastic, positive and goal-oriented, Brock Melnyk (BMgt '06), president of the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) Calgary Chapter and financial advisor for ATB Securities Inc., is thrilled that his life is going as planned. He thanks, in part, the education he received at the University's satellite campus in Calgary.

"The University is providing such an amazing opportunity for students. I am indebted to them because if it wasn't for the flexibility and the evening classes at the Calgary campus I would likely not have graduated from university and I probably would not have the job I have now," explains Melnyk. "I had a goal to be married at 30 and have this job. I am getting married at 29 and I have my dream job. I am the happiest person in the world."

Brock Melnyk
Brock Melnyk and his fiance, Terri-Lynn Good, plan to be married this summer.

Melnyk originally began his post-secondary educational career at the University of Calgary. In 2002, he began working full time as a teller at ATB to pay for his classes, switching majors from economics to finance. He then made another switch, finding the University of Lethbridge a better fit for his educational needs. With additional financial assistance from ATB, he transferred to the U of L's Calgary campus for his final two years, took evening classes and continued to work full time.

"In comparing my education to those of my friends at other institutions, I found that the liberal arts focus of the University was a much more balanced approach," says Melnyk. "The majority of professors are industry professionals and they are able to tell you real life experiences, which is fantastic. They are there, dedicating their time in the evening to educate and give back to their community and they are so passionate about the students and the material.
"I remember doing a project with my friend Jeff Wilson, who is now the vice president of the ULAA Calgary chapter. Basically, we predicted the whole income trust issue a few years before it happened. It was one of those moments that you don't realize until after you graduate how your professors led you to these types of conclusions and how good your education really was. The University was such a tight-knit community with really high-level class discussions; that really pushed me forward and prepared me for my future."

After graduating in 2006, Melnyk continued to advance his career with ATB. For the next several years, his career and volunteer activities kept him quite busy, but he felt disconnected with the University community. With that in mind, he attended his first alumni event in 2007, the Calgary Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament.

"I went to the tournament and Karen Filbert, ULAA president at the time, proceeded to recruit me as a director. When I joined the board I joined to help out with the golf tournament and then I fell back in love with the University and with being involved and wanting to do more," says Melnyk. "Since then we have almost quadrupled the attendees at the tournament, and with the funds we raised from that we have doubled the scholarship we give to the University. Our focus right now is to have well-attended, high-end events that will appeal to all alumni, help them stay interconnected and feel proud of their University. We want to increase the prestige of the U of L and its alumni here in Calgary and encourage alumni to get involved and give back to the University and the community and I think the new campus that we have here, Campus Alberta, is only going to support that."

Although being president of the ULAA Calgary chapter keeps Melnyk busy right now, he strongly believes in the value of continuing education. He says he has learned that if you set your mind to things, you can always find the time for life-long learning and for helping others.

"I am beginning my MBA at Dalhousie University in September 2012. I believe if you want to succeed you have to further your education," he says. "Similarly, as university graduates we are likely in a better position than the majority of Canadians, and I think it is important that we give back, whether it is financially or with our time. There is always someone who needs it more than we do and it is nice to be able to lend a helping hand."


· Melnyk is a self-professed Gleek (fan of television show Glee) and amateur chef.

· He earned his Certified Financial Planner qualification in 2010 and anticipates being named a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers this year.

· Organizes the Brock Melnyk Invitation Golf Tournament. Part of ATB Financial's Teddy for a Toonie Campaign, the tournament supports the Alberta's Children's Hospital.

· He is also an organizing committee member for the annual United Way Day of Caring.

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