Campus Life

Markin Hall receives $2 million boost

As Markin Hall continues to rise out of a former athletic field at the University of Lethbridge, so too grows the list of organizations partnering in its construction.

On Monday, officials from the University of Lethbridge and representatives of the Chartered Accountants Education Foundation of Alberta (CAEF) were pleased to announce $2 million worth of contributions to Markin Hall, the new home for the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

"Markin Hall will stand as a great symbol of partnerships between the University, the Government of Alberta and organizations such as the Chartered Accountants Education Foundation of Alberta," says Dr. Andy Hakin, the U of L's Vice-President, Academic and Provost.
"We would like to thank them for their significant investment in students, which is a phenomenal demonstration of the commitment that accountants have to education and supporting the next generation of professionals."

Through innovative matching programs, a $625,000 contribution from the CAEF has leveraged $625,000 from CA's and their firms and has enabled the University of Lethbridge, through the Government of Alberta's Access to the Future Fund, to raise another $750,000 for the facility.

In recognition of this significant gift, a major public lecture space on the main floor of the building will be named for the Chartered Accountants of Alberta.

"In just over a year, we anticipate that Markin Hall will be complete and will provide space for an additional 450 students – the very people who will be leaders in our province and nation in years to come," says Hakin.

An 80-seat classroom, the Chartered Accountants Room, will be available to the entire University community and will provide valuable community lecture space in Markin Hall, a $65-million facility that opens in 2010.

Jane Halford CA, Executive Secretary of the Foundation, says, "Through the Foundation, Alberta's Chartered Accountants are delighted to contribute to this project. The University of Lethbridge has a distinguished record in the field of accounting education, and Markin Hall will help further enhance that record."

"For quite some time we have been planning, looking at blueprints and imagining what Markin Hall will be like, but now we are really beginning to see the building come to life, and it is very exciting," adds Dr. Murray Lindsay, the Dean of the Faculty of Management.

"The building will provide much-needed student space and will improve our teaching, learning and research facilities among other services for students. Without a doubt, our accounting program is also going to be enhanced. We fully expect to have even more students graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence to move into positions in the accounting and finance professions. The support from the Chartered Accountants Education Foundation of Alberta reinforces those efforts."

Gordon Jong, a Chartered Accountant and the Vice-Chair of the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors, said support from groups like CAEF play a crucial role in preparing students to serve their communities.

"Speaking on behalf of the Board, and personally, I am very proud to be a part of both the University community and the CAEF – a group of professionals who are actively giving back to the next generation of leaders."