Logo reflects ulsu vision

After 20 years and just as many council changes, the University of Lethbridge Students' Union decided this was the year to develop a new logo — one that truly embodies the ultimate goal of the organization and why it exists.

"Updating the ULSU logo is something that has come up throughout the years, always as a minor issue, but it's very important the ULSU have a strong and recognizable logo so that we can be seen as having a presence on campus," says ULSU
president Adam Vossepoel.

"Our old logo was so hard to work with, it was
really unbalanced and asymmetrical," says Susan Curtis, ULSU executive assistant and the woman behind the new logo design.

"There was a lot of detail put into the creation of our new logo to ensure it was concise, bold, uncluttered and well-defined both up close and at a distance."

Although the ULSU had many prospective designs to choose from (six graphic design companies responded to the ULSU's request for proposals), the decision to use Curtis's simple, yet bold, logo came as an easy one.

"We (the ULSU) are an organization that directly represents the needs of students at the University of Lethbridge. We feel that the logo epitomizes our purpose," says Vossepoel, adding that there is significance behind all of the logo's elements.

The sun motif reflects the ULSU's relation to the U of L community, while still highlighting that it is a distinct entity from the University.

The circle represents the ULSU's dedication to developing programs and services that complete the student experience while pursuing studies at the U of L.

Finally, the organization's acronym, ULSU, is displayed prominently to remind all those who look upon it that ultimately the reason it exists is to serve the students at the U of L.

"We're very excited to officially unveil our logo. Look for it around campus, it embodies every aspect of the work that we do," says Vossepoel.
Brianne Rohovie is the ULSU Communications Coordinator