Campus Life

Library is into pop fiction

Soon, you'll be able to get more than just academic reads at the University

The library is planning to set up a leisure reading section on level 10, purchasing a selection of best-selling fiction books that will be displayed on a revolving shelf alphabetically by author. As well, comfortable chairs will be moved from elsewhere in the library to create a cozy, relaxing area.

"As part of constantly improving the whole student experience, we felt that there was a place for a popular fiction collection in the library in addition to the scholarly materials," says Nicole Eva, co-chair of the Student Outreach Team. "This has been done in other universities with great response; students want to be able to access fun reading materials when they take a break from their schoolwork."

Eva adds that the addition of a leisure section is partly in response to student queries.

"We have often had requests for fiction materials, and while we certainly do carry some fiction as part of our regular collection – for example, literature studied in English classes – these books aren't always easily located," she says. "Now, we will have a dedicated area where some light reading can be found, and a comfortable area in which to enjoy it."

The books will be listed in the library catalogue just like all of the other library-owned materials, and can be found by title, author or location. The plan is to have this area ready for the start of the fall term, meaning library staff will be busy ordering and cataloguing the materials over the summer. Be sure to stop by and check out the new area in the fall!

This story first appeared in the Legend. To view the Legend in a flipbook format, follow this link.