Campus Life

Library display celebrates Blackfoot culture

Linda Many Guns, a Native American Studies faculty member, and Pat Breaker, a graduate student, have collaborated with the University Library to create a new display showcasing Many Guns' personal collection of beads and native clothing/artifacts.

How Trade Goods and Beads were Welcomed to the Blackfoot Territory opened Tuesday, Jan. 12 and will be on display through Mar. 26.

"The display provides a brief glimpse at how Blackfoot people enjoyed and welcomed trade goods," says Many Guns. "Trade cloth replaced animal hides; although not as durable, their colours were highly appreciated. In this display we see how the bead production in Europe went through three significant phases as the glass bead industry matured."

For more information, visit the University Library's General Displays page or check out the exhibit and experience something new from the Blackfoot culture.