Kazakoff brings industry skills to his management students

Dan Kazakoff is the director of Theory Into Practice programs at the University of Lethbridge and consistently rated as one of the most popular teachers on campus.

In addition to teaching, Kazakoff directs the Faculty of Management's Applied Consulting program, Integrated Management Experience (IME) program and is one of the originators of the University of Lethbridge Small Business Institute (SBI). Along with Dr. Gordon Hunter, Kazakoff helped form the SBI as a unique initiative that will focus its work on privately held small businesses, varying from start-up operations to multi-generational ownership. In addition to entrepreneurship and family-owned businesses, other aspects of their research will include franchises, non-participating family members, succession and sustainability. The SBI is unique in that it will focus primarily on Lethbridge and southern Alberta businesses.

Both Hunter and Kazakoff expect a significant student benefit through the exchange of ideas with business people and faculty. In addition, new courses may be developed or existing courses modified to incorporate ideas that come out of the SBI research process.

Kazakoff's passion for business and dedication to his students, coupled with years of experience in small business consulting, management and education demonstrate the ideals of the University and show just how much we've grown over the last 45 years.