James presents Sinixt struggle

The plight of the Sinixt Nation, or Arrow Lakes People, will be examined by spokesperson Marilyn James at a presentation this afternoon in TH241.

Forced Extinction: The Story of the Sinixt Nation delves into their struggle against Canada, colonialism and extinction. Presented by James, who works part time for Selkirk College as an aboriginal advisor, the talk begins at 12:15 p.m. and is open to everyone.

The Sinixt are a tribe of the Interior Salish peoples. They share a common linguistic connection to the Interior Salish but are dialectically distinct. The Sinixt were declared extinct by the federal government of Canada in 1956 through a Federal Order in Council. The Sinixt have occupied a site at Vallican, BC since 1988 and have remained committed to cultural and environmental work since that time as community members within their traditional territory. Cultural work has consisted of the repatriation of ancestral remains, conducting annual ceremonies, gathering local landscape foods and upholding cultural responsibilities for the traditional territory and all resources and members held therein.

James has developed indigenized curriculum sets for local school districts and is featured online in a partnership with school district #79.

She sits on many boards and committees dedicated to community services and education, and holds a bachelor of arts degree from Evergreen State College and a master of education from Simon Fraser University. James is also the appointed spokesperson of Sinixt Nation and a board member for Sinixt Nation Society.

This event is presented by the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group.