Campus Life

Halloween Grinch

My kids call me the Halloween Grinch. The festivities are great, but all that candy makes me ponder ways to stop Halloween from coming. Canadians spend $250 million on Halloween candy annually. Now that's a scary amount of candy consuming.

Here are a few tips to chew on this Halloween to satisfy your sweet tooth without overdoing it.

Love it, or leave it

If you don't love it, don't eat it. Halloween treats pack a frightening amount of calories so be choosy, don't eat it unless it's your favorite treat.

Savor and enjoy

Downing Halloween treats faster than Superman can fly means you hardly taste them and may reach for more. Paying attention to food WHILE you're eating it can be one of the best tricks-on-treats. Simply taste, savor and enjoy the treat as you're having it, and satisfy your craving with a small amount.

Skip the candy bowl

Many businesses put a bowl of Halloween treats on their counters. Nibbling from the candy bowl is one of the scariest ways weight can sneak up on us. Just say no, or limit it to one treat per day for a few days.

Give treats some company

Add a small amount of your favorite Halloween treat to a meal or healthy snack instead of eating it by itself. Fill up on healthy foods first to manage portion size of treats.

It's difficult to avoid treats in a world full of them, but with a few strategies you can have treats and stay on a healthy eating plan.

For an individual nutrition appointments call the Health Centre (SU 020) at 403-329-2484. All sessions are $20 for students and University employees.

Diane Britton, On-Campus Registered Dietitian