Define the Decade report sets the stage for Alberta prosperity over the next 10 years

University of Lethbridge political scientist Dr. Lars Hallström contributed to report from the Business Council of Alberta

With the province of Alberta currently at a crossroads, the Business Council of Alberta (BCA) released its flagship report Thursday — Define the Decade: Building Alberta’s Future—Together.

Dr. Lars Hallström, director of the Prentice Institute and University of Lethbridge political scientist, contributed to the report, which examines the state of Alberta and sets out a visionary plan to “create a good life for every Albertan.” The plan is the culmination of a landmark research and public consultation process that engaged thousands of Albertans from all walks of life.

Dr. Lars Hallstrom is the director of the Prentice Institute and a ULethbridge political scientist.

“Albertans were remarkably united in their desired vision for the future. We all want a place of belonging, opportunity and solutions,” says Hallström. “This report outlines a reimagined and inspirational vision for Alberta’s future and a 10-year plan to unleash the province’s potential, and to identify and address some of the challenges we face.”

The report outlines how Alberta is uniquely positioned to take on three goals: prosperity – building a good life for all; economic expansion and diversification; and long-term sustainability. The report then identifies three global-scale missions: Feeding Everyone: Sustainable & Healthy Food, Energy Solutions: Low-Carbon Energy, Materials, & Minerals, and Healthy Lives: Medical & Wellness Advancements.

“We can write the next chapter for Alberta, one that is intentional, purposeful, and based on what Albertans from many geographies, identities, sectors, and walks of life want to see,” says Susannah Pierce, President & Country Chair, Shell Canada, and task force Co-Chair. “Through Define the Decade, we heard from thousands of Albertans about what is working in Alberta, what isn’t, and what they want their future to look like.”

Hallström's participation in the project included sitting as a member of the Advisory Committee since 2021, and providing input and feedback on the analysis, content and communication of the report and plan. As a specialist in public policy, environmental policy and rural development, he also provided content expertise in those areas.

He identified two main catalysts the report recommends would drive the vision of Define the Decade. The first is an Alberta Mission Agency which would coordinate and advance the Prosperity Mission focus for Alberta. The second is the creation of a Heartland Economic Region — a province-wide collaborative network of communities working to play on the same level as similar mega-regional economic development initiatives in North America. Supporting those catalysts are multiple imperatives: being united and collaborative; advancing reconciliation; being competitive; going global; delivering good governance; acting urgently.

"This report’s plan is a major step forward for Alberta on many fronts,” says Hallström. “It brings together a lot of public engagement and many voices, and links industry, the public sector, and communities in many different ways and across policy sectors. It is also very honest about some of the realities this province needs to face, both from the past, and into the future.”

About the Business Council of Alberta

The Business Council of Alberta is a non-partisan, for-purpose organization dedicated to building a better Alberta within a more dynamic Canada. Composed of the chief executives and leading entrepreneurs of the province’s largest enterprises, BCA members are proud to represent the majority of Alberta’s private sector investment, job creation, exports, and research and development. The Council is committed to working with leaders and stakeholders across Alberta and Canada in proposing bold and innovative public policy solutions and initiatives that will make life better for Albertans.

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