Alumnus Joshua Wong utilizes Logan Boulet Effect as inspiration for Green Shirt Day 2022 logo

Green Shirt Day 2022 will have a fresh look thanks to the work of a University of Lethbridge alumnus who has designed a new logo for the annual event. What will never change is the need for this important day to continue.

Joshua Wong (BFA/BMgt ’20) answered the call when Green Shirt Day organizers decided to redesign the logo for the April 7, 2022, event. Alumnus Toby Boulet (BEd '89, MEd '04), whose son Logan passed away because of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018, suggested a contest be orchestrated through ULethbridge to find a new look.

Joshua Wong, right, with the design for the new Green Shirt Day logo.

For Wong, the Logan Boulet Effect served as the inspiration for his design. It features two ribbons, one green and one yellow, intertwined with the words “Logan Boulet Effect” and “Humboldt Strong” on them. The ribbons in the logo feature several geometric shapes within them, something Wong made after watching an interview with the Humboldt Broncos pastor, who inspired him to create a design incorporating stained glass.

“The design has abstract elements,” says Wong, who works in Calgary as a graphic designer. “The different shades of green represent freshness, renewal and affirmation of life and the idea that communities are stronger together. The yellow represents the people who were affected by the Humboldt bus crash itself. For every shape that's in the yellow, it represents each individual who was affected.”

“My hope is that the different shades of colour represent different communities. The angled white lines in the green ribbon are inspired by pictures of the hockey stick that Logan had, with a more direct reference to him with the number 27 on the ribbon.”

Toby says the logo has been well-received for its thoughtful design.

“It replicates Logan's ribbons, which I like, and I like that the Humboldt Broncos are still recognized prominently in the logo,” he says. “I think it speaks to people. Register, be inspired and tell your family. If you want to think about Logan, think about the Logan Boulet Effect, and the Humboldt Broncos.”

The Logan Boulet Effect is the movement that emerged following the catastrophic bus crash and was inspired by Logan’s decision to register as an organ donor prior to his passing. At its core, the movement encourages Canadians and individuals around the world to register as organ donors.

Nearly 150,000 Canadians registered to become organ donors in the days and weeks following the crash, spurring the creation of Green Shirt Day to maintain momentum and honour the victims and families of the crash.

For Toby, it was important to involve ULethbridge in the process of creating a new look for Green Shirt Day — something they plan to do on a regular basis.

“Bernie (BEd ’88) and I both have degrees from there. Mariko (BSc ’17) has a degree from there and Logan was accepted there. I'm a senator there right now, and I managed the Pronghorns women’s rugby team for 20 years,” says Toby. “We're very connected to ULethbridge and if we're going to try a contest, we're going to go to the University. We set it up with the Department of New Media in the Faculty of Fine Arts, and we included a $750 award for the winning design.”

It was a first for Wong to enter a design contest and in addition to winning this year’s design, he’s been offered a contract with Green Shirt Day for more design work.

“Going through this process with Green Shirt Day is a real learning experience for me and I feel lucky. Through the collaboration, I have gotten more experience than I thought I would have when I entered this contest.”

More than 2,100 shirts have been ordered for the Lethbridge area alone, as schools, the fire department, and Lethbridge Transit staff all prepare to don green on April 7. Those interested can get their official green shirt at

Anyone can be a potential organ donor regardless of age, medical condition, or sexual orientation. In Alberta, the registration process for organ donation is done completely online through the Organ and Tissue Donation Registry.