5 Days campaign on this week

A number of University of Lethbridge students - and faculty members - are going to be homeless for a good cause this week.

The 4th annual 5 Days for the Homeless group will be living on the south plaza of the Students' Union Building on the U of L campus to help Woods Homes, a local organization that provides emergency shelter for youth at risk.

As part of the 5 Days process, they are not to be indoors other than for classes. They also have no income, are allowed no food or drinks, other than donated items, and are given just a pillow and a sleeping bag. Washrooms can only be accessed when campus buildings are open, and they must sleep outside unless inclement weather becomes a health risk.

As well, the group must attend all classes, including student organizations and teaching positions.

The big challenge? The students must avoid personal communication media. Participants will be expected to not use cell phone or online social networking websites (Facebook, etc) for personal use during the 5 Days campaign.

This year, in addition to the students, the organizers have asked faculty and staff to join them, even for a few hours, to show their interest and commitment.

The first faculty member to sign on for an all-night visit is Cheryl Meheden (Management) who will spend the night on Wednesday, Mar. 16.

Donations can be accepted in person at their outdoor home, at tables set up in the University Hall Atrium and other locations on campus or online at: