Soft Bound

Also Known as "Perfect Bound"

  • Process of binding sheets of a document by roughing the edges at the spine and bonding them with glue to an external cover
  • Text pages and cover are held together with glue at the spine
  • If the book has a high page count, the text pages and cover are often stitched and then glued at the spine
  • Books soft card-stock cover
    • Normally printed in full color with a laminate applied for durability

Our Expertise

  • Our equipment is state-of-the-art
    • In-line binding; printed and bounded in the same "run"
      • Reduces production costs

Best Uses

  • Paperback books and thick documents, such as brochures and larger news-stand magazines, manuals, self-published materials
    • Thinner publications, such as trade magazines and journals, are generally saddle stitched
  • Most economical choice for Custom Coursepacks
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